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SIL-FAS is a silicone, water-soluble, decor-protection and vapour-permeable paint of very high resistance to weather conditions. Based on the state of the art raw materials providing the highest quality.


SIL – FAS is avaiable in 16 basics colours:



other colours on request (e.g. according to RAL or NCS)



Price list

Price list SIL-FAS

Scope of aplication

Silicone, water-soluble facade SIL-FAS paint is designed for painting of:

– residential houses, industrial buildings, public facility and sacred buildings facades – for new, as well as renovation of old

– suitable for renovation of monuments

– suitable to application on cement plaster, lime-cement, polymer-cement, acrylic plaster, as well as on terrabonna

– can be also applied on concrete surfaces, reinforced concrete and made of fibre-cement (hard bond)

  • Eco product, water soluble, acrylic-silicone based
  • The surface is waterproof thanks to silicone ingredient
  • Protects surfaces against erosion (carbonatization), water and frost.
  • Acrylic-silicone paints create self-cleaning coats, which provide an effect of fresh and clean facades for many years.
  • The coat is resistant to weather conditions: acid rains, alkali, fumes, UV radiation – resistance checked within 10 years.
  • The coat colour is maintained for many years
  • Vapour-permeable coat – provides fully breathable walls
  • The paint coat is washable – resistant to wet brushing
  • Walls are resistant to wear
  • The paint adheres to surface perfectly

SIL-FAS technical data sheet


Przygotowanie podłoża:


Surface preparation:


The surface designed for painting must be strongly bonded, clean, free from dust and dry. All organic contamination (lichen, moss) shall be removed with the use of adequate agent. In case of new and old, falling down plaster, AKSILUX impregnate by AKSIL should be applied under the SIL-FAS paint.




Mix the paint thoroughly before application The paint should be applied with the use of a paint brush, roller or spraying machine. Thin the paint with water for the first layer if needed applying the ratio of 3 parts of paint : 1 part of water. We recommend two layers. Next layer can be applied after the first one is dry.


All painting works should be performed at ambient temperature not lower 50C and not higher than 35 0C.

Tools to be cleaned with water