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AKSIKOR combines surface paint with an undercoat. It is an acrylic, water-soluble, decor-protection, corrosion-proof paint of perfect adherence to surface characteristics. Based on the state of the art raw materials providing the highest quality.


AKSIKOR is availabl in 8 basic colours:


aksikor-wzornikother colours on request (e.g. according to RAL or NCS)


Price list

AKSIKOR Price list

Scope of aplication

AKSIKOR is designed for painting of:

– zinc-plated metal sheets and aluminium-zinc sheets

– roof gutters, fences and other zinc-plated or alu-zinc surfaces

– lead surfaces

– aluminium sheets

– copper surfaces

AKSIKOR can be used to paint freshly zinc plated surfaces, as well as exposed to weather conditions

AKSIKOR is suitable for renovation of old coats (zinc-plated sheets painted with poly-vinyl paints or chloric-rubber paints)

AKSIKOR can be also used to paint steel elements (after previously covered with an undercoat), concrete, plasters if present in a civil engineering construction where maintaining the colour is required.



  • Eco product, water soluble, acrylic based
  • The paint creates a fast-drying matt coats of very good adherence to surface characteristics
  • The coat made of the paint is flexible and waterproof
  • The paint is resistant to changing weather conditions and UV radiation – does not change its colour for many years
  • Tested on metal sheet roofs – 5-year period – no degradation
  • Very easy in use – smooth painting
  • In contrary to solvent-based paint, does not generate harmful fumes and unpleasant odour and is safe for the user




Meta sheet, before painting, should be mechanically cleaned from rust and washed with water and detergent, or Emulsole RN-1 or water with ammonia (25% of ammonia to be thinned with water in ratio: 0,5 l of ammonia on 10 l of water), dry and paint with AKSIKOR twice.

In case of renovation of old surfaces, remove old, veneering coat with the use of agents for removal of paints or a brush. Lightly rusted areas to be slightly grinded, cleaned from dust, old surfaces of good adherence to be cleaned, cleaned from grease (water with detergent), during with glass paper and thoroughly clean from dust, followed by painting with AKSIKOR twice.


Mix the paint in the packaging before use.

Apply with the use of brush paint, roller or spray.

Temperature of the surface can not be lower 80C and not higher than 40 0C.

Do not apply in fog and rain.

Tools to be cleaned with water.