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BETONLUX is a silicone, water-soluble decor-protection impregnate which can penetrate inside the surface and protects against harmful effect of water, frost, chloride ions and atmospheric pollution.


BETONLUX is available in two versions:

version A – impregnate for hydrophobing of mineral surfaces without painting

version A – impregnate for hydrophobing of mineral surfaces with application of protective paint, e.g.: AKSILBET

BETONLUX is available in transparent or colour version.


Price list

BETONLUX Price list

Scope of aplication

BETONLUX is designed for protection of mineral surfaces such as concrete, reinforced concrete, e.g. bridges, sett, railway platform slabs, pavement slabs, architecture concrete, concrete haberdashery. Can be also applied as a protective hydrophobing of brick, stone and fibre-concrete structures.

  • provides hydrophobing to the protected surface
  • protects the surface against damp, rain and snow
  • improves lifespan of the protected surfaces
  • protects against concrete corrosion
  • improves frost resistance characteristics
  • protects against contamination, defrosting agents
  • improves resistance to weather conditions and aggressive factors

Aprobata Techniczna BETONLUX IBDiM

Hygienic Certificate BETONLUX

BETONLUX technical data sheet


Surface preparation:


Impregnate to be applied onto the clean and dry surface. The surface to be cleaned with water pressure tools with detergent or by sand blasting. Remove algae and moulds with the use of special purpose agents.

In order to obtain the best hydrophobing effect we recommend the humidity of the surface not to exceed 4%. The temperature of the surface to be painted should be in the range of 80C – 300C




Apply one, two or three coats depending on the needs. In case of traffic architecture structures, i.e. bridges, soundproof panels, apply three coats with the wet to wet method. Each subsequent coat to be applied prior the previous one is dry i.e. not later than 30 minutes from the application of the previous coat.

High pressure application is best in case of application of the impregnate of vast areas. The impregnate can also be applied with a roller or a paint brush.

BETONLUX colour shall be thoroughly mixed prior to use and apllied with the use of the above method (one coat in most cases). The product shall be evenly applied on the surface.

Use water for cleaning painting equipment.

Impregnating shall be performed at the temperature of 50C – 350C.

Impregnated coats shall be protected against rain for the period of at least 8 hours.