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The company “AKSIL” has been present on the market since 1995. The aim of the company is manufacturing high quality paints, impregnates and lacquers in the water-soluble group of products of quality confirmed by certificates of research laboratory institutes.aksil mały

The AKSIL company is specialized in production of professional paints for concrete surfaces: roof tiles, asbestos, concrete fences, sound-proof panels and flooring.labolatorium

In addition to our leading product we also offer: high quality paints and impregnates for civil construction applications, products for wood finish and wicker. Our offer also includes numerous products for custom solutions (e.g. ceramics or styrodur products).


The AKSIL company does not stop at successes made.
We constantly strive for improvement of our offer.

Quality is the priority to us.
ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in the scope of production, design and delivery of products has been with the company since 2003.

Due to dynamic development of the company, we have started construction of a new production plant in SSE in Pustków Osiedle.